Sniper Stockpacks

The Sniper Stockpack is a buttstock cheek pad, comb riser, ammo carrier and utility pouch.

Fully adjustable to universally fit all hunting, tactical, precision and aftermarket stocks.

The Sniper Stockpack is our original model Rifle Stock Pack that features a large 2-Way zippered pouch and removable ammo band.

The cheek pad has built in foam padding and is covered with a soft textured PVC material that wipes clean and provides a solid repeatable cheek weld throughout any weather condition.

The large pouch is 8" long x 5" tall and tapers to 4" in height. The pouch will expand out about 3"- 4" wide inside.  Plenty of room to store night vision battery packs and more. For example the pouch will hold:

  • (2) 10-round AR-10 (.308/7.62) magazines.
  • 10-Round AICS pattern magazines.
  • (2) 10-Round Federal plastic ammo strips.

Tactical Sharpshooter Rifle Stock Packs are designed extremely rugged and torture tested in real world environments. We value function over form.

    Sniper Stockpacks

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