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New All Leather Hardware Free Rifle Slings

New Product Launch Discount 50% off!!  Bushcrafts wants to get these new slings into some customers hands.  *Price is Below Cost ** For a Limited Time.

Brilliantly simple hardware-free design that uses only leather.

Handmade in the USA by the Bushcrafts company.  Available in Latigo and English Bridle leathers.

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New All Leather Hardware Free Rifle Slings
Discounted NRA Memberships

Discounted NRA Memberships

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Stockpacks will be in-stock again very soon.....

COVID has made business difficult. Materials to make the stockpacks have not been available.

Unfortunately the Hunter size stockpacks have been discontinued until things return to normal.

Thanks for your support through this.

Always send an email to see if there are any extra stockpacks hiding in the shop if you don't see the one you want on the website inventory.

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Rated Best Cheek Rest With Utility Pouch By

Rated Best Cheek Rest With Utility Pouch By

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Keeping our Rights - Come Hell or High Water
Cheek Height

Cheek Height

We receive a lot of questions about "comb height" or "cheek rise" as some call it......

New Color - COYOTE

COYOTE colors now available in Sniper and Hunter Stock Pack sizes.