Sniper Stockpack Details

Sniper Stockpack - Formerly known as our Rifle Stock Pack - is a buttstock cheek pad, comb riser, ammo holder and utility pouch for tactical, hunting, precision and sniper rifles.

The "Sniper" model features our original sized large pouch.  The packs are made of heavy 1000D nylon and military grade hook & loop (Velcro).

The cheek pad has built in foam padding and is covered with a soft rubber textured finish that wipes clean and provides a solid repeatable cheek weld throughout any weather condition.

Our rifle stock packs are designed extremely rugged and torture tested in real world environments.  We value function over form.

Carry Ammo:

5-Rounds Inside Pouch:  5-loops are sewn into the interior back wall of pouch.

6-Round Removable Ammo Band:  Attached with Velcro. Remove it and attach your favorite morale or flag patch.

  • Holds all large rifle calibers (308, 7.62, 300, 243).
  • 6 mm class diameter cartridges.
  • Smaller calibers (5.56/.223) can be paired (2-rounds in one-loop).
  • 12 gauge shells fit in every-other-loop.
    Double Zipper Utility Pouch:
    • Heavy Duty zippers with nylon cord pull tabs.
    • 2-Way Zipper opens in either direction or closes in any position.
    • Large pouch stows night vision batteries, magazines, tools, cleaning equipment, cell phones, game calls, data/dope cards, First Aid, etc..
    • Fits 20 rounds of Federal Match ammo including factory plastic trays, 5 and 10 round AICS sized magazines, 10-round AR10/M1A magazines.
    Adjustable Fit:
    • Three fully adjustable tension straps and one wide rear butt strap all fasten with velcro hook & loop and will adjust to universally fit any rifle buttstock.
    Raise cheek height to get correct comb adjustment:
    • 6 pieces of double sided velcro riser strips can be attached in layers underneath the pack as needed to get perfect cheek weld height.
    • Add your own material under the pack and it will be help down from the pressure of the straps.